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There are some very common examples of medicinal in a sentence, and indeed many words have meanings depending on their position in the sentence. Medicinal words often appear as adjectives or as part of names, and this seems to indicate that they are intended only for use as medicine rather than complement other elements of speech. Many modern examples of medicinal phrases are also derived from ancient texts, although these are usually more modern, with words taken directly from Greek or Latin having their meanings adapted slightly by English. As such, it’s perhaps easier to think of an example of medicinal language in a sentence than one of a non-medicinal kind like tamoxifen senza ricetta nel Italia, although they do occur regularly enough to prove a point.

An example of a sentence that describes medicinal use would be “The herb for coughs should be applied daily.”

This phrase is referring to the medicinal use of herbs and is therefore describing medicinal use. On the other hand, the phrase “the leaves should be boiled in vinegar” is describing the use of plants as a drink. This example of a sentence using naltrexone bez recepty at Drugsline.PL words is not necessarily talking about the use of herbs for medicinal purposes, but is talking about the boiling of certain parts of leaves and the removal of the leaves’ stalks, which contain curative properties.

So we know that the meaning of some words has changed over the years, but this does not mean that they lose their usefulness for describing other things.

In fact, some examples of medicinal language in a sentence are ones that describe medical conditions, such as “the fever will subside after a few days”. The phrase is clearly describing the medicinal use of the fever, and is therefore very near medical language. And then there are phrases that describe events or occurrences, which may not have any medicinal use: “A man fell ill in the country”, indicating the medicinal use of the event (falls) and its proximity (fellow countrymen). These too, obviously, are near medical and kob lorazepam uden recept at Drugsline.DK